Young Women Lesson 12: Fathers’ Blessings

Testing the words of LDS leaders with Biblical Truth:

March 2010

Young Women Manual 2

Can A Father Bless His Children through the Priesthood?” (Page 43):

The right to give blessings is one of the most precious gifts given to a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder. He has the right and power to bless his family members as the Lord would if He were present. The father is entitled to receive revelation from the Lord about the life of the person being blessed.

Test these LDS Words with Biblical Truth:

God’s power to receive revelation from the Lord does not come through the Priesthood. It is given to every believer through the gift of the Holy Ghost. Just before Jesus ascended to Heaven, He promised His followers that they would receive power from on high! As the prophet Joel had prophesied during Old Testament times, this power would be given to “sons and daughters” and “on my handmaidens”. This power is given to men and women of all nationality! This power comes from the Holy Ghost. He actually dwells inside of all who have been given faith in Jesus.

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