Young Women Lesson 4: Obeying Commandments Helps Us Fulfill Our Divine Roles

Testing the words of LDS leaders with Biblical Truth:

January 2010

Young Women Manual 2

* The consequences for breaking God’s Commands (page 14):

The Lord has given us commandments for our protection and guidance. If we keep these commandments, we will be blessed and given everything that the Lord has promised us for our good. Our lives will be happier and we will experience peace and joy. If we choose to break the commandments, we also choose the attendant consequences of misery, now and in the life after this one… There is a time of reckoning, even a balancing of the ledger. … It’s called judgment day, even the big exam of life. Are we prepared? Are we pleased with our own performances?” (Thomas S. Monson)…
Explain that Satan seeks to keep us from fulfilling our divine roles of wife and helpmate, mother, and teacher. One of the ways he does this is by encouraging us to break the commandments. He knows we must live righteously if we are to fulfill these roles as the Lord wants us to… Conclusion: Explain that our prophets continue to remind us that the Lord’s laws are eternal and cannot be ignored without eternal consequences. One of the consequences of breaking the Lord’s commandments is that we will be unable to fulfill our divine roles in a manner pleasing to the Lord.

Test these LDS Words with Biblical Truth:

This lesson is so sad in so many ways. First off, nowhere do we read that when we sin, we are sinning against our loving and merciful God. According to these words, our reasons for trying to keep God’s commands are all self-focused; what we can gain for ourselves: “We won’t be able to fulfill our divine roles as wife and helpmate, mother and teacher.”

When we love God, really love God with all our heart might mind and strength, we never want to disobey Him; because God is the love of our life. Our motivation for keeping God’s commands is because of our love for Him.

Secondly, what is so sad is what is said about the consequences of our sin: “if we choose to break the commandments, we also choose the attendant consequences of misery, now and in the life after this one.” LDS doctrine teaches that the worst that could happen would be living in the lowest kingdom of Heaven, which is a kingdom of glory.

The true consequence of sinning, is spiritual death–spending eternity in Hell with Satan and his demons! To read more about the true consequence of sin, go to this blog Post: “The Death Penalty for Even One Sin?” written March 23, 2009; or, Click here:

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