Young Women Lessons

Testing the words of LDS leaders with Biblical Truth:

“This course of study is designed for twelve- to seventeen-year-old young women of the Church. By studying the lessons in this manual, each young woman should better understand the Lord’s plan for her and be better able to base her personal choices and behavior on gospel principles.” (page v of Manual)

This class meets every Sunday. I provide a few quotes from each Lesson regarding foundational teachings of the LDS Church.

Click on the link for each Lesson to compare with Biblical teachings:
Lesson 1: Drawing Closer to Jesus Christ
Lesson 2: Spiritual Gifts
Lesson 3: Building the Kingdom of God
Lesson 4: Obeying Commandments Helps Us Fulfill Our Divine Roles
Lesson 5: Home Environment
Lesson 6: Sharing Work in the Home
Lesson 7: Living in Love and Harmony
Lesson 8: Improving Communication Skills
Lesson 9: A Young Woman as a Peacemaker in Her Home
Lesson 10: “The Priesthood: A Great Blessing,”
Lesson 11: Appreciating the Bishop
Lesson 12: Fathers’ Blessings

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