Aaronic Priesthood Lesson 2: Knowing Our Father in Heaven

Testing the words of LDS leaders with Biblical Truth:

January 2010

Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2

OBJECTIVE: Each young man will understand that as a son of God and a priesthood holder he has important responsibilities.

* As Priesthood holders we are set apart from the rest of the world (page 6):

The following statement helps us understand the responsibilities of holding the priesthood of God: “The foundation on which each boy begins is recognition that he is in very deed a son of God, with something of the divine in his soul. All men are children of God, but you have something more. You have the authority to act in his name. This sets you apart from the rest of the world. It does not automatically make you better than others, but it gives you the responsibility to live a better life than others. “Because you know you are a child of God and hold his priesthood, more is expected of you than of those who do not have this great blessing”… Have the young men read… Doctrine and Covenants 82:3.
• What are some of the things we as priesthood bearers have received that nonmembers have not received? (The promise of the Holy Ghost, additional scripture, greater knowledge, guidance from a living prophet and priesthood leaders, the power and authority to act in God’s name.)
How should a priesthood bearer behave in school? in the home? during athletic contests?

Test these LDS Words with Biblical Truth:

The power and authority to act in God’s name does not come through the priesthood, it comes through the Holy Ghost. Every believer has been brought to faith through the power of the Holy Ghost and He actually dwells inside the heart of believers. All believers, whether man woman or child has received the power and authority to act in God’s name. To read more about this, go to this blog Post “Should LDS Women be Allowed to Hold the Priesthood?” written February 27, 2010; or, Click here:

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