Preparing For Exaltation Lessons

Testing the words of LDS leaders with Biblical Truth:

“This Sunday School course is designed to help 12- and 13-year-olds understand our Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation and apply gospel truths that will lead them to eternal life. It discusses the steps in our eternal journey and the requirements and guides that the Lord has revealed for our progress through mortality. Individual lessons explain the basic doctrines, principles, and ordinances of the gospel.” (page v)

I provide a few quotes from each Lesson regarding foundational teachings of the LDS Church. As time permits, I will be adding “Biblical Tests” to each Lesson.

Click on the link for each Lesson to compare with Biblical teachings:
Lesson 1: A Loving Father—An Eternal Plan
Lesson 2: Agency: The Power to Choose
Lesson 3: The Fall of Adam and Eve
Lesson 4: The Atonement of Jesus Christ
Lesson 5: Mortality: A Time to Learn through Experience
Lesson 6: Adversity Can Help Us Grow
Lesson 7: What Happens after Death?
Lesson 8: The Three Kingdoms of Glory
Lesson 9: The Power of Personal Prayer
Lesson 10: Fasting—Hungry or Full?
Lesson 11: Faith in Jesus Christ
Lesson 12: Repentance Is a Blessing

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